Weekend in London

I went back to London for a little visit, its felt so good to be back in London! I made sure that I did all the things that I have been missing, a weekend in London is just a short trip so I made sure I did the most I can do, plus my in-laws were with me this time around so we did some touristy things again. So here are the things that we did over the weekend in London.

1. Borough Market
Who doesn’t love a good market full of local produce, yummy food stalls and get that yummy St Johns Bakery Donuts that I have been craving for. If you are in London on between Thursday to Saturday you really need to visit this amazing market and pig out! (or may that’s just me oopsie!) A weekend in London is not complete without grazing at this amazing market.

IMG_3396                 IMG_3404 IMG_3411

2. Tate Modern
If you like a little art mix with a good view of London, then Tate Modern is a must. After looking at the beautiful artworks that cross the Thames over the Millennium bridge towards St Paul Cathedral.


3. Watch a West End Show
My mother in law love watching the musicals, so this time around we decided to watch Thriller, which is a musical based on Michael Jackson’s music. It was super fun coz you get to dance and sing along! If you are every planning on going to a west end show go buy your tickets from LondonTheaterBookings.com, you’ll get a better priced tickets compare to others. They have ticket booths around Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.



4. Stroll along Chelsea
I mean I love to walk over there, visit the Saatchi Gallery and window shopping plus they have cute houses.



5. Camden Lock
Camden lock is a canal area in London with a market, now if you know me I can’t resist a good market to get some yummy lunch or just looking at different little shop selling trinkets. Now unlike Borough Market you will find stalls selling jewellery, handmade t-shirts and even antiques stuff. So it’s must and on Sunday this place is pack with people especially on a summer day!


Ok I know it’s weird to put this pharmacy/beauty chain shop in here but I love Boots because they have everything related to beauty and some of the brands that don’t exist in France. I need to stock up my beauty supplies, hubby’s and of course Amalia’s too!

Well that was my fun-filled packed weekend in London, where did you go this summer?

-I, The Nomad-


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