Melbourne We Love You To Bits

Melbourne has a special place in our heart for the both of us, it’s where we spend the beginning of our early years as adults. We both love everything about Melbourne, its fashion sense, its excellent gastronomic experiences as well as it’s chilled out attitude towards everything and anything.

We met as we were about to finish our university years, doing a little independent project together and it was unique experience and we had a blast! So let us introduce you to why we love Melbourne so much!

Coffee Coffee Coffee
We both coffee lovers, living in Melbourne for so long we develop a very critical taste for coffee and since then we always searching for that the same quality coffee wherever we go, whether it’s in Jakarta for Amalia or in Paris where Irene lives at the moment.

You can never go wrong getting a cup of latte or cappuccino in Melbourne, if it’s not good enough for the Melbournians,the cafe wouldn’t last long, that’s how serious Melbournians are with their coffee!


Market Lane’s Coffee


Head out to Market Lane coffee in Victoria Market or Prahran for excellent coffee, they even have coffee tasting class. Seven seed for a good coffee and brunch!


Dynamic Gastronomy 

We say dynamic because Melbourne is a culinary mecca for gastronomy from all over the world, you can eat different cuisine from the different countries everyday. We are definitely spoilt for choices. New restaurant or food stall keep coming up, better concept then the next so you wouldn’t get bored and always finding something new to try. But having said that we both still love our usual uni days restaurants that we go to, we will visit them without fail every time we are back in Melbourne.

IMG_4496 IMG_4330


Well  don’t get us wrong we also love the fashion, the lane ways, the sport events and the fact you can drive one hour away to visit the wineries and stock up your cellar.. double score!! However we miss those two things the most :P.

The  Travelling Aquarians





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