I’ve been dreaming of Saigon …

I found this picture dated back to my business travel almost 5 years ago.


To date, my trip to Viet Nam is still one of the most memorable trips in my life. It has that Indochine charm with a little bit of French colonial flair evident in their little boulangerie, pot roasted rice and their own version of escargot. A very charming country I must say. I got the chance to visit one of the main cities Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), Da Nang and the ancient city of Hoi An. But it was all done in a rush because I was so busy preparing for work related event. I haven’t really got the chance to savour the country and all its glory. So I’ve been putting Viet Nam in my wanderlust list for the longest time. Maybe this year or next year, I really need to make it happen. First Saigon and probably a short sea side trip to the renowed Mui Ne.

Where have your wanderlust takes you this year?

– A, the wanderlust


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