#TravelJournal: Our 2 Days Itinerary in Belitung – Day 2


It’s our second day in Belitung, and we were so disappointed waking up to heavy rain outside.  But it didn’t deter us from exploring the island.  We adjusted our itinerary  so we could still get the most of the Island and have a great time in the process. No rain is gonna stop us from having fun!

Day 2

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel, which offers a pretty good seafood porridge and a good selection of other breakfast menu including a made to order egg station.  After charging our energy with cups of strong coffee, we hopped into our rental car and got ready to explore.

The first stop was the Kaolin (clay) Lake.  It used to be a clay mining site but as it was abandoned and filled with rain water the crater has now turned into a beautiful blue turquoise colored lake. We did stop for a bit and looked at it from inside the car as it was raining so heavily! I bet it is magnificent if we could actually get out and explore the lake and take some pictures.


Then we continued to visit a Buddhist Temple called the Quan Yin .  It is also called the Burung Mandi Temple as it’s located just a stone throw away from Burung Mandi beach.  You could get a good view of the beach on a clear day as the temple is situated on top of a hill.  It is a little different then other Buddhist temple in Indonesia because it is dominated by pink color instead of red.   You  also could get your fortune read by one of the temple keeper who happens to be a fortune teller.  Fun, right?


photo 1-16_Fotor

Laskar Pelangi School

It was still raining at this point so we decided to have a quick visit to the Laskar Pelangi school , a school featured in Laskar Pelangi movie  which has now became a tourist destination in Belitung. We looked around a bit and then decided to head out to Manggar, a pit stop for every coffee lovers, after lunch.  Manggar, located on the East of Belitung, is also known as the city of a thousand coffee shops (Kota Seribu Warung Kopi).  Ok, technically they don’t have a thousand coffee shop, but they do have lots in this area 🙂  History has it, this was the place for mine workers to have their coffee break back in the Dutch colonial era. As you may well know by now,  @Deszellfd and I can’t stay away from a good cup of coffee.  We had to do a coffee stop here. Besides, what could be more perfect than having a good cuppa on a rainy day, right?


After having a good dose of coffee, we went to see Belitung’s Batik creation. And guess what?  It was actually located in Ahok’s house.  Yep, you are right. It’s that Ahok, the vice-govenor of Jakarta. Unfortunately for us, it is closed on Sunday.  However the guard was nice enough to let us in for a look at the workshop. I wish I could buy one as a souvenir and to add to my batik collections. I loved the cotton materials and the patterns.  I am still dreaming to get a hold of one, sigh!



Our last stop was the Tanjung Tinggi Beach.  The beach is made famous by Laskar Pelangi movie being used as one of the featured location in the movie.   Luckily, the rain stopped  when we arrived so we could explore the beach further and chilled out by drinking fresh coconut water!  The beach looks spectacular.  The white sandy beach is surrounded by massive boulder rocks. You can actually climb the boulder rocks and explore. However it was too slippery after the rain so we didn’t have a go.


And that’s all.  That was our 2nd day itinerary in Belitung.  It ended up being a wonderful day even though we spent most of it in the car, but hey, we had more girly chat time. All good! And we managed to spend some time in the beach too,  so woohoo!

So when rain pour on your holiday, never  ever let it stop you from having fun!!


– As previously published in Travelers Daily, 20 December 2013


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