5 Tips for Islands Hopping in Belitung

One thing that Belitung is known for is the itinerary for islands hopping that will practically take your whole morning till afternoon. The little islands spreading across the coast of Belitung are pretty and a must visit. But before you take a dip into the water  at the pretty beaches and take your photos from one island to the next, read some tips from our recent island hopping in Belitung:

1. Use your swimsuit underneath your clothing before you stepped inside the boat


Islands hopping is the first thing on our list. So once we’ve arrived in our hotel in the morning, we quickly changed into our swimsuit (in replacement of the usual underwear), layered with our casual outfit so it’s city appropriate. You can also change into your swimsuit once you arrived at the beach and before you stepped into the boat, but considering the public toilets in the area are not too decent,  I really recommend to do so just before you leave your hotel.

Why swimsuit? Because once you stepped into the boat you will be hopping from one island to the next. The uninhabited islands don’t have any toilet for you to change into a swimsuit.  Believe me, if you don’t like the sight of people diving into the public swimming pool with their full attire, you wouldn’t like the same sight at the beach as well. Beside, wet attire is not a pretty sight in the picture anyway.

Me and Irene took our obligatory photographs on the first island and quickly took off our clothes afterward and ready to dip into the sea in no time. Leaving our clothes dry 🙂

SONY DSC2. Pack your lunch from the city

As mentioned previously, the islands are pretty much uninhabited, thus you will not find any restaurant. We packed our lunch on our way to the beach. We had lunch at Pulau Mercusuar, which is the biggest island. Here, you could also change your swimsuit into your clean clothes.

3. Bring in extra clothing & towel

Considering that you will be doing some swimming as well as snorkeling, it’s only logical that you bring in fresh towel with you just to keep yourself dry between your islands rides. Also, it’s safe to bring extra clothes from the one you use in the morning as a spare.

4. Use waterproof sunscreen & don’t forget to pack it with you!

Not all sunscreens are waterproof so check whether your sunscreens are labelled waterproof.  Moreover, since you will be out in the sun for more than 4 hours, it’s best to bring it with you so you can reapply it after 4 hours.

5. Don’t forget to bring wet tissue

This is my saviour! Salty beach water feels greasy on the skin and I love to wipe the stickiness away with simple wet tissues or Biore Sara Sara tissues. They even have one with UV protection which serves as a solution to reapplying sunscreen 🙂


– As previously published in Travelers Daily, 29 November 2013


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